The IBTA is founded in 2023 by the Basketballclub 'Hot Pepper Heat' from Zwanenburg. As you might not know, Zwanenburg is becoming the fast growing basketballcentre for the best talent from The Netherlands. Now we would love to expand our horizon and challenge ourselves and you to see who's the best!

As this will be our first edition, we are only now looking for teams in the Men U17, Men U19 and Men U23 categories. In the next editions, we might consider to add more categories, but first we would love to fill these categories in a maximum of 24 teams. 

On Friday and Saturday we will be competing in the group stage, where teams that can only come in the weekend (so not Friday) can still fully enjoy the tournament! We are also opening our doors to the teams that need accomodation and we will make sure that you will have a full experience and have enough time to play ball. 

In the time that you wait, we will make sure that there's enough baskets where you can hoop.

Friday and saturday the teams will play the group stage games. We aim to have two poules in each age categorie which means all teams will play at least one playoff game on sunday. Next to that we will have a skills challenge, 3 point contest and dunk contest. Sunday the last 3 games of the tournament will be the finals after which the IBTA champions will be crowned. 

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